Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photographer presentation: Natalie Bybisz aka Miss Aniela

Part of my "homework" is to study the work of other photographers.  A couple times a month I will present a photographer whose work is in line with my current project.  Here is the first presentation. 

On a recent date night, Jason and I wandered into Barnes & Noble where I headed straight to the photography section.  I found a book titled Self-Portrait Photography by Natalie Dybisz.  While Jason was looking through tattoo magazines for inspiration (he keeps threatening to get another one), I sat down and looked through this book.  As I got further into it, I started to get excited and motivated.  I could feel the creativity wheel turning in my brain.  While I generally prefer to be behind the camera, I really appreciated her work. 
Miss Aniela does a lot of self portraiture.  My favorite images are in the Multiplicity project.  In this series, she has used Photoshop to include herself more than once in each image.  Some have only two, others up to seven.  I think having more than one image of the same person adds to the story of the photo.  I love stories so this is very appealing to me.  It is almost as if the viewer gets a short video of the scene instead of just a snapshot.   I also love the colors in her work.  While the colors vary between photographs, Miss Aniela often uses a few that stand out. 
I must say, I admire a woman who has taught herself the in's and out's of photography and is able to make a living with her art at the age of 25.  Miss Aniela has had her work exhibited in Europe and the US.  She is based in London. 

**CAUTION**  Miss Aniela's work includes several nude images.  While I feel I am little conservative, I do not find them offensive.  But there is no doubt about it- she's completely nude in several shots.  Please be opened minded if you go to her website.  Otherwise you'll just have to take my word for it- she's good.      

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