Monday, September 26, 2011

Only in Arizona

Yesterday morning I was standing at the stove cooking breakfast when I heard something.  It wasn't the garage door opening.  It wasn't the air conditioning turning on.  What was it? 

I turned around and looked out the window to see water dripping off the edge of the roof.  I was hearing rain.  Somehow, my brain was having a hard time processing this because my eyes were seeing bright blue, cloudless skies.  I called the kids outside and grabbed my camera.  The rain drops were huge but there weren't that many.  The only dark cloud was directly overhead.  Everywhere else was blue sky with a few soft fluffy clouds.

My nieces, Maddy and Ally, were staying with us while their parents were out of town for the weekend.  Maddy was still in bed- as any good teenager is early Sunday morning. 

Logan never misses an opportunity to ride his bike. 

Ryan is getting really good at pedaling the tryke.  It's challenging for him because his little legs don't quite reach the pedals.  But he's practicing so he can take it on our family walks.

Ally had just got up for the day when I yelled it was raining.  The rain only lasted a few minutes.  Luckily, I actually remembered to grab my camera!  Then we came in for breakfast of eggs with cheese, sausage and pancakes.  Yummy!

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