Friday, September 23, 2011

Guest photographer- Jason

Our bedtime routine is the same every night.  The boys get their jammies on and then have some yogurt (trying to squeeze in as many calories as possible).  After a round with the toothbrushes, all four of us sit down for a bedtime story.  Often, we read one of our library books.  Then it's time for hugs and kisses.  The boys get in bed while Daddy and I sing two songs (usually Twinkle Twinkle and Jesus Loves Me).  More hugs and kisses right before we leave their room.  It is awesome family time.

Last night before storytime, Jason grabbed my camera to document the boys sitting together.  Without fighting.  Or screaming.  It lasted only a few minutes but it was so cute!  I have been thinking about creating a collage of photos with both boys in the photo.  But I don't have any.  They are hard to come by as the boys are usually doing their own thing.  This is so cute- looks like I will just have to try harder.

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