Thursday, September 29, 2011

In & Out

Logan is ready for a cheeseburger and fries.  In & Out is one of the few restaurants we dine in with Ryan.  Their fries are gluten free and fried all by them selves in fryer.  The whole family loves it. 

One day, I will try editing the background of this photo in Photoshop.  But for right now, it's all I can do to keep up with my homework in my Photoshop class.  Hopefully, you'll get to see the before and after.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mini Project #1- Mia- Pet portrait

My sweet boxer, Mia.  She was a great subject.  She sat still until I thought I had enough shots and she didn't complain at all.  Such a good girl.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Only in Arizona

Yesterday morning I was standing at the stove cooking breakfast when I heard something.  It wasn't the garage door opening.  It wasn't the air conditioning turning on.  What was it? 

I turned around and looked out the window to see water dripping off the edge of the roof.  I was hearing rain.  Somehow, my brain was having a hard time processing this because my eyes were seeing bright blue, cloudless skies.  I called the kids outside and grabbed my camera.  The rain drops were huge but there weren't that many.  The only dark cloud was directly overhead.  Everywhere else was blue sky with a few soft fluffy clouds.

My nieces, Maddy and Ally, were staying with us while their parents were out of town for the weekend.  Maddy was still in bed- as any good teenager is early Sunday morning. 

Logan never misses an opportunity to ride his bike. 

Ryan is getting really good at pedaling the tryke.  It's challenging for him because his little legs don't quite reach the pedals.  But he's practicing so he can take it on our family walks.

Ally had just got up for the day when I yelled it was raining.  The rain only lasted a few minutes.  Luckily, I actually remembered to grab my camera!  Then we came in for breakfast of eggs with cheese, sausage and pancakes.  Yummy!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Tim Barber Walk for POP

Today my mom, my niece Ally and I participated in the Walk for POP (Prostate On-site Project).   I heard about this two mile walk through a Facebook friend's posts about Autumn and Tim Barber.  I knew Autumn from my high school years although I haven't seen her since.  Two years ago at the young age of 40, Tim was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer.  He was in great shape and had no symptoms.  He passed away last month.  Autumn is expecting twins in January.  The Walk for POP is raising awareness and urging men to have PSA testing done early.  35 is not too early to get a baseline with this blood test.

So here I am, doing my part.  Men, please talk to your doctor about this screening.  Ladies, urge your men (not just hubby's but dads, brothers, friends, uncles) to get checked.  Many of them don't make it to the doctor unless we pester them about it. 

This is yet another "guest photographer" post.  My cousin Stephanie was also there with her family and took this photo for us.  Great shot, Steph!  Thanks.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lawn care

Every Saturday morning, Jason mows the lawn.  It is such a small area, it only takes a few minutes.  Okay, maybe 30.  But today, it appears he had a couple helpers.  Very cute ones, if you ask me.

This is a classic example of the best camera is the one that's available.  Jason took these with his cell phone.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Guest photographer- Jason

Our bedtime routine is the same every night.  The boys get their jammies on and then have some yogurt (trying to squeeze in as many calories as possible).  After a round with the toothbrushes, all four of us sit down for a bedtime story.  Often, we read one of our library books.  Then it's time for hugs and kisses.  The boys get in bed while Daddy and I sing two songs (usually Twinkle Twinkle and Jesus Loves Me).  More hugs and kisses right before we leave their room.  It is awesome family time.

Last night before storytime, Jason grabbed my camera to document the boys sitting together.  Without fighting.  Or screaming.  It lasted only a few minutes but it was so cute!  I have been thinking about creating a collage of photos with both boys in the photo.  But I don't have any.  They are hard to come by as the boys are usually doing their own thing.  This is so cute- looks like I will just have to try harder.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fun Friday at the Zoo

Fall has threatened to show up so we headed to the zoo yesterday to meet our friends, Missy and Owen.  It was warm but we had a great time, as usual.  I brought along my telephoto lens and got a lot of practice with it.  Here are some of my favorites.

At String Ray Bay- We were able to touch the sting rays as they swam around the pool.  Some were very friendly.  The boys loved it!

Ryan was helping- more like supervising- one of the volunteers in charge of keeping the pool clean.

Owen is waiting for just the right time to reach in and touch a sting ray.  Like maybe next week...

Missy helped Owen and Ryan touch the sting rays.  Ryan little arms were too short to reach very far so it was hard for him.  But he did it!

Logan was delighted after touching a sting ray.  I LOVE this smile of his.  I completely melts my heart.

Ryan climbed in the baboon's habitat to see what they were doing.  Just kidding.  This is actually his reflection on the glass.  But it sounds like something he'd do, right?

The giraffes were out and about today.  Great practice with my telephoto lens.

More practice with the telephoto lens.

Playing under the picnic table after lunch.

More fun under the picnic table.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Target practice

The boys are very interested in guns right now.  While I am hoping it's a passing phase, I seriously doubt it.  Jason, always encouraging, built them each a wooden rifle with a conduit scope.  They are cute- for a gun.  Of course, the boys love them.  They don't want to put them down.  Now we're practicing gun safety.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photographer presentation: Natalie Bybisz aka Miss Aniela

Part of my "homework" is to study the work of other photographers.  A couple times a month I will present a photographer whose work is in line with my current project.  Here is the first presentation. 

On a recent date night, Jason and I wandered into Barnes & Noble where I headed straight to the photography section.  I found a book titled Self-Portrait Photography by Natalie Dybisz.  While Jason was looking through tattoo magazines for inspiration (he keeps threatening to get another one), I sat down and looked through this book.  As I got further into it, I started to get excited and motivated.  I could feel the creativity wheel turning in my brain.  While I generally prefer to be behind the camera, I really appreciated her work. 
Miss Aniela does a lot of self portraiture.  My favorite images are in the Multiplicity project.  In this series, she has used Photoshop to include herself more than once in each image.  Some have only two, others up to seven.  I think having more than one image of the same person adds to the story of the photo.  I love stories so this is very appealing to me.  It is almost as if the viewer gets a short video of the scene instead of just a snapshot.   I also love the colors in her work.  While the colors vary between photographs, Miss Aniela often uses a few that stand out. 
I must say, I admire a woman who has taught herself the in's and out's of photography and is able to make a living with her art at the age of 25.  Miss Aniela has had her work exhibited in Europe and the US.  She is based in London. 

**CAUTION**  Miss Aniela's work includes several nude images.  While I feel I am little conservative, I do not find them offensive.  But there is no doubt about it- she's completely nude in several shots.  Please be opened minded if you go to her website.  Otherwise you'll just have to take my word for it- she's good.      

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I asked Ryan to help me with some pictures and for once he agreed.  How cute is this kid???

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The boys had a great time throwing rocks into the ditch while I was photographing nearby.  They are so good at finding entertaining things to do.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome to Christy's Crazy for Cookies!

Welcome to my new blog!  I was very disappointed that it didn't work out for me to take a photography class this semester.  Instead, I have created my own "class" with assignments, projects and due dates.  My plan is to use this blog as a way of presenting my photography and hopefully, receive some feedback.  I would love opinions/critiques as I go along. 

As a continuation of my original visual journal, I plan to post regularly- possibly daily- even if it's just one photograph.  Twice a month I will be posting about another photographer who's work is in line with my current project.  I believe it is important to know what others are doing in the field.  In addition to seven projects, I have included Mini Projects.  These are things I would probably do anyway but since I made the rules, I am adding them in for "credit".  

I am so excited to get started.  My camera has started feeling a little left out lately.

Here's a shot from Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you when the world stopped turning
that September day...
-Alan Jackson