Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's getting batty around here!

The boys (Logan) are finally getting old enough to do crafts.  Yea!!!  I found a few ideas online and we've been working on them over the last couple weeks.  Yesterday, we made flying bats.  I hung them over the couch.  Well, the back of the couch.

Logan wanted to cut out his own bat.  I traced it on the black cardstock for him and gave him a pair of scissors.  I was really impressed with how well he did.  He has obviously been getting a lot of practice at preschool.  After flying it around for awhile, he wanted me to hang it in his room.  It is hanging from the canopy over his bed, right above his head.  He is excited because "he can talk to it when he goes to bed". 

Tomorrow I hope to start Ryan's bat costume.  Pictures will follow at some point...

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