Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break: Day 3

Well, I had big plans for Thursday.  The boys and I were going to hike Hole in the Rock at Papago Park with my mom and sister.  But by then, Logan was dragging and said he didn't want to have anymore fun.  I was feeling that our activity choice might have been to much for the boys.  Then I talked to Abby.  She was sick.  Forget it.  We spent the day with Grandma Lyn at her house.  It worked out great.

Now if you haven't been to my parents' house, you don't know that it is the perfect grandparents' house.  There is always something fun to do.  They live on an acre lot where they get irrigation.  Abby and I loved walking in the irrigation ditch when we were younger.  A couple weeks ago, we took the boys.  They love it, too.  So we went again yesterday.

Logan and Ryan LOVE sticks.  They find them everywhere they go.  Sword fights often follow, as you can imagine.  The ditch is a great place to find the perfect stick.

Logan found pecans that had fallen off a nearby tree.  I find them in the washing machine a lot.  I really need to start checking his pockets.

Grandma Lyn stepped on this one so we could see the inside of the pecan.

Ryan's checking out the pecan shell.

Jumping fun!

Overall, we had a great day.  It was much more relaxed than the last couple days.  Being at my mom's house still feels like home.  :)

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