Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gluten Free St Patty's Day

Hope you had a great St Patrick's Day!  We sure did.  Our Celiac Support Group held a pancake breakfast at our neighborhood park.  EVERYTHING was gluten free.  They had Applegate Farms sausage, Udi's chocolate muffins and granola, cinnamon rolls from Julia's Bakery,   and pancakes from Danell's Signature Blend.  Okay, now I have to say- I still eat gluten so my taste buds are not completely converted.  I LOVED Julia's cinnnamon rolls.  In my opinion, they were just as good as Cinnabon.  I still like Ikea's cinnamon mix better because of it's unique flavor.  But the bread part was perfect.  If you ever need dessert for a gluten free friend, go to Julia's.  Yum. 

Of course, Ryan loved everything.  The pancakes were really good.  I liked them better than our current mix, Pamela's.  They were really fluffy!  It was so nice to finally be able to take Ryan somewhere he could eat what everyone else was eating.

After sampling all the yummy breakfast items, the boys kicked the soccer ball around and played on the playground.  It was a fun morning.

Logan is showing off his new boots.

Ryan has a mohawk, too.  They both wanted their hair spiked.

Jason and I made corned beef with cabbage and potatoes for dinner.  It's a tradition for us.  Then I spent the evening working on my scrapbook with friends.  It was a great day!

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