Friday, May 18, 2012


Everyone in my immediate family played softball at some point.  Abby and I spent many Sunday nights at the park while my parents played co-ed softball.  Abby and I played a few seasons of softball with the city of Chandler.  Abby also went on to play on the freshman team in school.  So naturally, my mom thought the boys needed to play t-ball at her house, too.  One day while we were all playing, she suggested I put Logan in a t-ball league.  (It might have been a little stronger than a suggestion.  You know how moms can be.  ;) )  It was perfect timing.  The town of Gilbert's Parks & Rec league was about to start.  Logan was a Red Dragon.  (He suggested Red Spiders but was out-voted.)

I love his shades.  That silly hat was an adult sized hat and it made his ears stick out.  Not that he cared at all.

Warming up before the game.  Yes, the ball is pink.  Not sure where that came from...

Playing outfield

His attention span is still a little short for the games.  He really liked practice better.  He was always doing something.  You know, other than waiting for the ball to come to him. 

His last game was Monday night.  His coaches (the most patient couple on EARTH) gave him "the best storyteller" award because he was always telling them his stories.  Not surprised much, are you?  That's my boy.  Anyway, I am not sure if he'll play again.  We are going to let him decide.

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