Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter fun

A nasty cold ran through our house last week.  Well, it was more like a slow, scenic tour than a run.  Logan ended up with an ear infection and missed two days of school.  Ryan gets extra moody when he's sick.  Oh joy.  By Thursday, I was feeling it, too.  Did I mention that I had choosen the same week to potty train Ryan?  Yeah, it was crazy.  But it worked out just fine.  I didn't end up with as many photos from Easter as I would have liked.  The cold just sapped my energy and my creativity.  The poor kids didn't even get an egg hunt at home.  They had to wait until we got to Aunt Sandy and Uncle Don's house.  Luckily, they had everything under control, as usual.

Easter with our extended family is always a lot of fun.  Uncle Don hosts an egg hunt for the adults.  He has numbers inside the eggs.  Later, he calls the numbers to give out prizes/gifts.  Then the trading starts.  This year we ended up with ear buds/headphones, a cookbook, a pack of nice pens, honey, 4 different flavors of popcorn seasoning, gourmet applesauce, a flashlight, Rachel Ray's hamburger seasoning in a grinder, 2 DVD's, 2 pairs of sunglasses, a key chain with a light, a 2G memory card and a jar of razzleberry jam.  I might have missed a thing or two.  (I probably would have taken a photo of everything if I had been feeling better.)  The kids just got plain, old candy in theirs.  I think we made out better than they did.  :)

Anyway, here are some photos from the kids' hunt.

Ryan loved this game.

Logan is one of the older kids so he found a lot of eggs.

Ryan loooves candy.  He was so excited when he found some in his eggs.

All the Arizona grandkids. 
There are two more in Califonia for a total of 11.  Eleven 5 years and under- makes for interesting family gatherings.  It is just like when I was little.  Cousins are so FUN!

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