Saturday, February 18, 2012


My favorite my pair of jeans are nearing their retirement.  I blew out the knee during all my photo sessions late last year.  A patch prolonged the inevitable for a few washes.  But alas, the hole has officially arrived.  I am so sad.  I found them shortly after we moved back from Omaha at a second hand store.  I scored a great deal- $150 jeans for only $25.  But now I can't go back and just buy another pair.  I practically live in these jeans.  Finding a new pair that is as comfortable will be next to impossible, I fear.  I get so jealous of Jason.  Anytime he needs new jeans, I go to the store- any department store- and pick up Levi's 569 33x30.  They fit.  EVERY time.  It must be nice.

But there is hope.  I found a similar pair today at another second hand store.  When I tried them on, they felt just like my other pair.  Soft denim shaped perfectly for ME.  Hard to find, right ladies???  Of course, they came home with me.  I am so excited I had to document it here. 

I swear I do have more than one pair of jeans.  In fact, I have a whole drawer full of them.  But some are too high, some are too long, a few others are too tight.  There can only be one favorite pair of jeans.  I hope I've found my new fave.  :)

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